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Webinar – 1. An Introduction to Partnership and Collaboration

By the end of this video you should understand:

– What P4P is and what support is available for social enterprises
– How some of the successful, existing consortia operate and what the key success factors have been
– The benefits and challenges of partnership working
– How to get started
– The different consortia models, including their pros and cons.

This video was recorded as a live webinar on June 22 2018.

WEBINAR – 1. An Introduction to Partnership Working and Collaboration

The P4P team delivered an Introduction to Partnership Working and Collaboration webinar on Friday 22nd June at 11am.

These are the slides used which you can download and go through at a time which suits you.

WEBINAR 2. Consortia Models

Want to know more about the various consortia models you could use to bid for public contracts? Check out this pre-recorded webinar from P4P at

If you’ve got any questions contact us on, on the Contact Us page on the P4P site, or add a comment on the YouTube page.