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Guide to Public Bodies in Scotland

A guide to public bodies in Scotland, including a definition of the term ‘public body’

P4P – An Introduction to Bid Writing

Looking for some quick tips on writing a bid or new to procurement? Check out this short best practice guide by P4P on tender writing.

P4P – Are You Ready to Collaborate?

Before planning your collaborative project and identifying potential partner organisations we recommend that you first carry out a collaboration readiness test. Ask yourself the following questions in this checklist.

P4P – Bid Writing Plan Template

Use this template to plan writing your bid effectively.

P4P – Bid/No Bid Assessment Template

Before rushing into the tender process it’s important to consider whether or not the opportunity is worth taking further. This can save you valuable time and prevent you allocating resources to a tender process that may not be worthwhile.

This is a template which you can adapt to your own requirements in order to assess whether or not to bid for a contract.

P4P – How to Create a Bid Library

A ‘bid library’ is a collection of documents and template responses that you can use as a starting point when writing a tender. Find out more how to create one in our step-by-step guide.

P4P – Implementation Plan Template

Buyers often ask tenderers to provide an implementation or mobilisation plan. If you don’t have a template already or you don’t have Microsoft Project you can use this template to develop a plan with a gantt chart. Follow the instructions to amend the graph timeline (hover over the red arrow).

P4P – Model Answers Guidance

Model answers are answers to commonly asked questions in tenders which you can use as a starting point when responding to a tender.

The benefits of doing this include that it can save you time and effort and help you to standardise your answers to questions if there are multiple staff writing a tender.

Check out this P4P guide to drafting and improving model answers.

P4P – Pipeline Opportunities Template

Use this template to input details of upcoming tender opportunities identified from forward procurement plans, contract registers, and/or Prior Information Notices published on Public Contracts Scotland.

P4P Briefing Paper – March 2019

A quick guide to the procurement landscape in Scotland and how P4P can help guide your organisation towards securing public contracts through collaboration.

Briefing Paper