Visitor and Functions Catering

Organisation: Historic Environment Scotland

Deadline: 08/04/2019

Contact: N/A

Historic Environment Scotland(HES)/Historic Environment Scotland Enterprises Ltd (HESE) is seeking a competent Caterer to operate the visitor & functions catering service at a number of sites in Scotland.

HES/HESE wish to develop a partnership with the Caterer to deliver its catering strategy, the aims of which are to:

Provide a world class catering experience to enhance the overall visit:

Increase sales per visitor by delivering great service:

To achieve joint financial success with partners committed to quality & service standards.

The contract will operate on a concession basis, with the Caterer paying HES/HESE a percentage of the gross receipts, excluding VAT, from all business transacted within the premises, including all food and drink and any other associated services. HES/HESE is also seeking capital investment from the successful Caterer, with the aim of improving the catering facilities for visitors and external clients, developing further sales opportunities for both parties.

Full details of the tender can be found here.