Support Services for Young People at Risk of Substance Misuse

Organisation: East Lothian Council

Deadline: 04/09/2019

Value: £280,000.00

Contact: N/A

East Lothian Council requires a provider for a Pilot Support Service which will be provided to young people aged 12-19 years, attending East Lothian Council High Schools, with an emphasis on those aged 12-16 years old who are using or at risk of using drugs and alcohol.

The service will provide tier 1 and 2 support services, with a clear emphasis on tier 2 interventions targeted at those young people for whom substance use is becoming or is already harmful to themselves and others.

The aims of the service are:

– To ensure that young people, parents, carers and professionals are provided with accurate, reliable and credible advice on substance use.
– To work with partners to identify young people whose substance use and resulting behaviour is causing concern.
– To reduce risk factors in the young person’s behaviour and increase protective factors which promote resilience.
– To prevent a young person’s substance use becoming problematic.

Full details of the tender can be found here.