Project Lift – Community Engagement Programme

Organisation: Scottish Government

Deadline: 19/07/2019

Value: £75,000.00

Contact: William Maclean

Project Lift is seeking a specialist provider to:

– Provide advice on the approach which will best achieve Project Lift’s aims for community engagement;
– Lead work to co-design bespoke events along with Project Lifts organisational development specialists and produce supporting materials;
– Lead work to develop impact evaluation criteria for each event, and the way in which these might be measured;
– Co-facilitate events along with Project Lift’s organisational development specialists;
– Produce a summary report after each event, including an analysis of key findings/insights/impact and recommendations for next steps, to support an iterative approach to deliver;
– Produce a final overview report detailing relevant findings/learning, impact evaluation data and overarching recommendations for future activity/approaches;
– Provide ad hoc advice regarding our community development work, as required.

Full details of the tender can be found here.