Paisley’s Music History

Organisation: Renfrewshire Council

Deadline: 15/06/2021

Value: £11,000.00

Contact: Rachel O'Neill

The Council seeks to appoint an experienced and imaginative producer with a community focused practice to create a free tour on a walking app platform which will lead users on a tour through Paisley’s musical history, from the mediaeval score discovered in the Abbey Drain to the town’s Punk scene. Development of the app will involve collaboration with Art Boss, a group of Young Creative Producers brought together by Renfrewshire Leisure’s Arts team.

Full details regarding the requirements of the award Service Provider are available in Section 4 – Specification of the attached ITQ and will be including and not limited to the following:

  • undertake research into Paisley’s musical heritage
  • undertake research into possible routes that the ‘Paisley – The Untold Story’ tour could take, identifying sites of relevance to Paisley’s musical heritage. In discussion with the Art Boss group and the TH.CARS2 Heritage Activity Officer, agree on a final route and stopping points.
  • deliver a total of 8 weekly workshops (totalling 12 hours of direct contact time) with Art Boss.
  • collate the research material into a coherent story and finalise a script for the walking tour, marrying it to the tour route.
  • record the final script.
  • liaise with Renfrewshire Council’s Graphics & Marketing team on the graphic requirement of the tour, adhering to all branding requirements for publicly published material and using the templates provided.
  • bring edited content together to build the finished tour on the walking app platform, and obtain permissions to include content where required.
  • deliver the finished version of the walking app to Renfrewshire Council for approval by Mon 4th Oct 2021.
  • manage online hosting of the tour
  • engage positively with the local arts and heritage networks
  • in advance of any activities, submit to the TH.CARS2 Heritage Activity Officer risk assessments using the template supplied.
  • complete the required evaluation templates as supplied by the TH.CARS2 Heritage Activity Officer on an regular basis.
  • provide the TH.CARS2 Heritage Activity Officer with visual documentation of the Art Boss workshops.
  • regularly update the TH.CARS2 Heritage Activity Officer on the progress of the project, reporting to them as their main point of contact.

Full details of the tender can be found here.