Online Programme Management Solution

Organisation: Abertay University

Deadline: 17/05/2021

Value: £10,000,000.00


Abertay University is strategically committed to the delivery of its programmes beyond our campus, including online, and has been exploring opportunities for alternative delivery partnerships across a range of delivery models and markets.

We are looking to engage with an experienced delivery partner to both widen access to Abertay programmes, and increase revenue, by delivering some of our programmes online.

We require a delivery partner that will:

-Invest in, and develop, quality online teaching materials upfront and quickly
-Provide significant upfront financial commitment to initiate partnership programme developments
-Support the internal resource implications anticipated in developing this project at Abertay
-Provide a 50/50 revenue share with Abertay University
-Have experience in online pedagogy, and a willingness to share this expertise and develop that of our staff
-Provide a pedagogical model that promotes access to the widest possible cohort of students, via multiple start dates and carousel model of delivery
-Have significant expertise in marketing online programmes and modules
-Have knowledge of, and access to, markets in which we don’t directly operate ourselves
-Provide market research insight to guide Abertay in the development of programmes that align with market demand and university expertise
-Be committed to supporting students throughout their experience on an Abertay online programme
-Allow Abertay to retain control over the quality of programmes
-Allow Abertay to retain its intellectual property
-Have an exceptional virtual learning environment, and collaboration with whom will enable expedient development of our own

Full details of the tender can be found here.