NHS Scotland National Uniform

Organisation: The Common Services Agency (more commonly known as NHS National Services Scotland) ("NSS")

Deadline: 09/04/2021

Value: £18,800,000.00

Contact: Rebecca Cruickshanks

Framework agreement for the supply of uniforms to all entities constituted pursuant to the national Health Service(Scotland)Act1978(i.e. all NHS Scotland Health Boards and the Authority or other NHS organisations established pursuant to the NHS(Scotland)Act1978)and any Integrated Joint Boards established pursuant to the Public Bodies(Joint Working)Scotland Act 2014.All Scottish Hospices.

The NHS in Scotland requires a contractor to provide a national uniform set to NHS Scotland personnel including Scottish Ambulance Service and students in health related training establishments throughout Scottish universities. The current national uniform set consists of core garments: tunic, trousers and polo-shirts. Other garments include blouses, shirts, fleece and tailored trousers. The SAS core uniform consists shirts, trousers, boots and helmets.

The contractor must be able to receive and deliver garments to and from approximately 260 delivery locations plus many more delivery points throughout Scotland.

The successful contractor will be required to manufacture items to a set design and stringent quality specification which, whilst durable and fit for purpose, provides the NHS in Scotland with value for money. Current supply chain includes a supported business sub contract; the Authority intends for this to be continued.

Full details of the tender can be found here.