landscape Maintenance Contract

Organisation: Weslo Housing Management Ltd

Deadline: 03/01/2019

Value: £300,000.00

Contact: Malcolm Finnie

Generally the works will comprise the regular maintenance of grassed areas, rough grassed areas, shrub beds, isolated trees and woodland in accordance with a maintenance schedule which will be attached to the main contract documents. The contract period will be from March to October annually for the duration of the contract.

A tree survey will be undertaken at the end of every growing season and the results of this survey actioned during the winter months in accordance with our tree management plan.

As a guide, the grassed areas requiring maintenance is approx.175,612m2. The rough grassed areas requiring maintenance is approx. 7,255m2.

The shrub bed areas requiring maintenance is approx. 13,959m2.

The trees requiring maintenance and survey are approx. 1,643 in number.

The hedges requiring maintenance is approx. 1,119m.

The hard standing areas requiring weed spraying is approx. 61,028m2.

Full details of the tender can be found here.