Invitation to tender: Evaluation of the Life Changes Trust’s Award to Who Cares? Scotland

Organisation: Life Changes Trust

Deadline: 19/08/2020

Value: £41,666.67

Contact: Celeste Berteau

The Trust believes that investing directly in young people and placing them at the heart of all efforts to transform the care system is vital if we are to achieve lasting change. This evaluation project will capture important learning and explore the impact of the Trust’s investment in WCS’s work around the three themes of Belonging, Voice and Choice and Opportunities.

The evaluation will explore the extent to which WCS is achieving the vision and targets for each theme as set out in the table above, as well as capturing the strategic importance of the work that WCS has undertaken with funding from the Life Changes Trust.

For each theme, we expect the evaluation to assess the effectiveness of funded activity and detail the impact on young people with care experience, on national and local policy making and on the practice of organisations connected to this work.

Full details of the tender can be found here.