Flexible Framework for Outdoor Education Centres

Organisation: North Lanarkshire Council

Deadline: 10/12/2020

Contact: N/A

The National guidance document “Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning” Education Scotland states: “the journey through education for any child in Scotland must include opportunities for a series of planned, quality outdoor learning experiences” enabling our children and young people to be successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens, one of the national outcomes which lies at the heart of the Curriculum for Excellence.

North Lanarkshire Council (the “Council”) are undertaking this procurement with purpose of establishing a Framework with multiple Service Providers who can offer a multi-day outdoor education experience, with residential stay, for groups of school pupils. The Council have 155 Educational establishments who could potentially use this Framework.

The Council propose to utilise the Framework for many years or until there is fundamental change to the requirements (that will require re-tendering). It is proposed to include Framework entry points i.e. annually, which could allow new Providers to apply to join the Framework; this would enable the Council to maintain capacity and choice.

Full details of the tender can be found here.