Craigdale HA Landscaping Maintenance 2019

Organisation: Craigdale Housing Association Ltd

Deadline: 15/04/2019

Contact: N/A

The successful Candidate will be responsible for:

Shrub, hedge and tree management; grass cutting; weed control; de-littering; and uplifting domestic refuse, debris, litter and sharps (remove/ dispose of same day) in communal areas, front & rear gardens, backcourts, access lanes and all external common areas within the red boundaries generally on Schedule 1.

Duties include: Reporting in/out at the Employer’s offices at the start and end of each working day; initial clean up and maintenance plan; regular weekly inspection throughout year: report on condition of shrubs, trees, play areas etc, recommendations for maintenance and improvement; quarterly review of contractor performance. Refer Schedule 3 for a more detailed description of the contract requirements and for addresses and location(s), refer Schedule 1 defining the Contract Area.

Full details of the tender can be found here.