Craigdale HA Common and Close Cleaning 2019

Organisation: Craigdale Housing Association Ltd

Deadline: 15/04/2019

Contact: N/A

The successful Candidate will be responsible for the external and internal cleaning of common areas in/ to the Employer’s tenanted properties including: brush and mop all stairs, landings and internal stores in common closes; sweep and de-litter pathways; wipe down all controlled entry doors and panels inside and out; wash all common landing windows, inside and out; moving bulk items to designated areas by footways [airspaces]; sweep out and de-litter bin stores/ hardstandings and airspaces; provide all necessary cleaning supplies and safe temporary access; reporting in/out at the Employer’s offices at the start and end of each working day; sharps removal; and all resultant communication/ quality control including monitoring forms [schedule 8], for occupied flats/ houses/ closes at Various Addresses, Castlemilk, Glasgow G45

Full details of the tender can be found here.