CivTech 5 Challenge 6 – Increasing Digital Public Services Use Through Digital Inclusion

Organisation: Scottish Government

Deadline: 03/08/2020

Value: £250,000.00

Contact: Iain Miller

How can technology help government drive up the use of digital public services amongst groups that have traditionally been digitally excluded?
The Connecting Scotland programme is an ambitious initiative addressing the issue of digital exclusion, and in 2020-21 will be reaching thousands of previously digitally excluded people, providing them with a device, data and training to become active online. This has many economic and social benefits, both for individuals and the nation. One is increased access to digital public services – for example applying for benefits, video based GP consultations, and looking for information about training.
Many of our users will be unaware of the digital public services they can access, be unfamiliar with using devices, and may have concerns or anxieties about even trying them out. So as well as providing devices and data, the programme focuses on overcoming these issues.
Going forward, we would like to extend the reach of the programme to everyone who is excluded – currently around 1 in 8 people in Scotland has low to no digital skills, and around 300,000 households have no access to the internet at home. But this will require investment, and for that we need robust evidence of the programme’s value. In short, we need to demonstrate the programme is increasing the use of digital public services by collecting appropriate data – in a way that not only satisfies all statutory requirements but also builds trust with our users.
How can tech help our users engage with and use digital public services, develop our evidence base, and build trust with our users?
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