CivTech 5 Challenge 5 – How can we use technology to help those with on-the-job expertise, share their skills with other workers and employers in rural and remote locations?

Organisation: Lantra

Deadline: 03/08/2020

Value: £250,000.00

Contact: Iain Miller

The rural and remote areas of Scotland face significant challenges in retaining and developing the skills required for robust and resilient economies.

Challenges arising from geography and connectivity can make it hard enough to find appropriate mainstream learning opportunities. It is even harder to uncover training that whilst perhaps not certificated by an academic institution nevertheless offers exactly the right content. This is particularly true when what’s needed to observe and learn from the experience of others [for example, lambing, digital marketing, dry staning, or fence repair].

Accessibility and social factors can also present a barrier: individuals might lack confidence, feel isolated, or worry about being in a group of ‘all young people’ or ‘all men’. Or conventional ‘through the week’ courses do not fit with family and work responsibilities.

Accreditation is essential for some training, particularly where there is a legislative requirement, [for example chainsaw training]. Other training may be an over-complicated way to get a quality mark. However, there is a need for some way to verify or endorse course content and deliverer.

So how can technology help develop a skills sharing system that encourages people to engage, and those with expertise to share their skills, in rural and remote locations?

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