Kindness -The Human Aspect of Procurement

As part of the ongoing work of the Kindness in Procurement and Commissioning Group, members will be hosting an interactive facilitated session on how we can achieve better social, economic and environmental impact through a kinder more human approach to procurement and commissioning.

We are keen to hear from people across the public, private and third sectors about their experience of procurement, what worked well to achieve better outcomes, or how the process or management could have been improved.

This session will not focus on blame and criticism, but it will be an opportunity to examine how we can all influence the process and bring a human aspect to procurement. It’s about bringing about change.

The event will finish at 1pm followed by a vegetarian sandwich lunch.

See here for more information and too book your place.

Event Details


Garden Room, Broughton St Mary's Parish Church

Garden Room, Broughton St Mary's Parish Church
12 Bellevue Crescent

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