Innovation Workshop: Value Proposition for Social Enterprises

Are you a Social Enterprise in the Fife region?

Do you need help articulating your value proposition so you can focus on developing ONLY the products and services that add value and that your customers truly need?

This workshop is for you!

The workshop is designed to introduce your social enterprise to innovation through an interactive session that helps you articulate your value proposition. The facilitators will take you through the key stages of successful new service/product development, helping you to develop your way of operating.

The workshop facilitators will provide you with a selection of agile tools and techniques, and a pragmatic step-by-step process to follow. As much as possible they encourage you to do the work, so that you “own” the results. However, the experts are always on hand to assist with any stumbling blocks.


In a group workshop environment, you will:

  1. Agree your potential target market
  2. Identify the unmet needs of that target market
  3. Develop a pool of clearly defined ideas and filter them to identify the best ones
  4. Identify the Value Proposition for that target market
  5. Articulate the best idea into a high-level concept, include key features
  6. Identify the assumptions made about the customer that would need to be validated

The workshop will be delivered as a series of “stations” around the room, creating a vibrant and engaging experience. You will be encouraged pair up and collaborate on each other’s projects, supported by the facilitators.


  • The facilitators will contact each participant beforehand, to find out a little about them and let them know what to expect on the day.


  • All Social Enterprises can access a follow up 1-2-1 surgery with a Scottish Enterprise Innovation Specialist. The Innovation Specialist will assist with the next steps and plug you into further support where appropriate. Appointments for these will be made on the day of the workshop for a later date.
  • The facilitators will use an online survey platform to capture feedback from you, and to find out what your next steps will be.

See here for more information and too book your place.

Event Details


Business Gateway, Saltire House

Business Gateway, Saltire House
Pentland Park

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