Finding Opportunities & Engaging with Buyers – Angus SEN Procurement Skills Accelerator

Angus SEN Procurement Skills Accelerator; a focused programme of 3 (2 and a half hour) zoom training sessions delivered over a 3 week period.

Facilitated by P4P and designed specifically for social enterprises operating in Angus with no or little procurement experience, the Procurement Accelerator aims to enhance your procurement knowledge and ultimately to ensure that your social enterprise is ready to take advantage of procurement opportunities.

Finding Opportunities & Engaging with Buyers is an on-line zoom session covering how to analyse information within PCS to find potential opportunities for your social enterprise, how to establish in a structure way if you should bid or not. The session also covers why and how you should engage with buyers. A really informative proactive training session equipping you with the skills to find and assess relevant public sector procurement opportunities for your social enterprise.

For more information and to sign up, please see our Eventbrite here.

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