Collaboration Week – Collaboration in Employability

This Employability SEN session is being held as part of P4P Third Sector Collaboration Week – a week which aims to raise awareness of collaboration, the different approaches that can be used to develop partnerships, and how collaboration can deliver on key Scottish Government policy areas.

This session features Glasgow Empowering Community Cooperative – GECCO – a co-operative of Development Trusts across Glasgow city aiming to provide local solutions to city-wide challenges, to address inequalities and disadvantage.

As community-based organisations with a focus on their local area, by collaborating they are able to access tender and contract opportunities that would be beyond scope of each individual organisation.

We are joined by Pauline Smith from Connect Community Trust, who will explain how and why GECCO was formed, the key building blocks to collaboration, the challenges and opportunities and the difference collaborations has made – including their successful bids for DWP and ESF contracts.

As always, we will have time for questions and general discussion.

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