A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People: Public Social Partnership launched

Article by Neil Young
Tue 02nd April 2019

The Scottish Government last week (29th March 2019) published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) to alert interested parties to the Scottish Government’s intention to establish a Public Social Partnership (PSP), focused on ensuring that employers are given the support they need to attract, recruit and retain disabled people.

Respondents to this notice will be invited to an introductory session to learn more about PSPs, and to determine if their organisation is able to be involved. No prior knowledge of PSPs is needed, though a willingness to work in partnership with other allied organisations that represent employers, as well as disabled people and their organisations, is necessary.

Interested parties who apply to join the PSP should share a desire for service improvement, have the capability to contribute to the design process and be willing to share risk, resources and knowledge with partner organisations. Interested parties should be able to demonstrate:

Experience of managing projects;

Evidence of partnership working;

Resource capacity to take on the additional work required as part of the PSP;

Experience of working with or representing employers, or disabled people;

Success in implementing change programmes;

An ability to engage wider organisational networks; and

The ability to manage budgets on behalf of the PSP/Partner organisations.

The establishment of the PSP will offer an opportunity for services to be designed by those groups that are most directly impacted by them. The aim of the proposed PSP will be to investigate, develop and test services that may include but is not limited by:

Providing employers with the tools to better understand how to attract disabled people to apply to their organisations, for example, through a redesign of their recruitment practices;

Providing support to employers who would like to improve practices such as flexible working policies and work place adjustments; and

Enable employers to quickly get the information they need to support employees who are disabled or who have recently become disabled via support lines or web resources.

A high level overview of the process by which the PSP will operate is given below:

Identify and create – Service Design – Pilot and Procure

Those who reply to this PIN notice will be invited to a further introductory session in May.